September 18, 2018


Nycky Edleston

I live in OxfordNycky Edleston Physiotherapy where I work as a Veterinary Physiotherapist. I happily travel all over Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties to treat horses, dogs and other pets. I qualified first as a Nycky Edleston PhysiotherapyChartered Physiotherapist from Oxford Brookes University and later trained for 2 years at the Royal Veterinary College to be a Veterinary Physiotherapist registered with ACPAT.


I have ridden since a young age and competed in affiliated dressage, showjumping and eventing. I am a qualified instructor and have traCharm May 2017ined competitive riders and competed horses for other people. I now have a  retired ISH showjumper and bred from her a  now 5yr old ISH x TB .





I  have owned Canine Physiotherapydogs all my life and trained some in obedience and searching. I currently have a 7yr old Staffie bitch and a 13 year old rescued Staffie male, both full of energy and very friendly.



I really love my work and take special pride in treating each client  in the best possible way. I love meeting all the characters out there from miniature Shetlands to 25year old RDA ponies and from 4 week old Daxi to 15 year old spaniels. They are all special.

horseFamilyBosco and Shannon

Bailey camping 2016