November 22, 2019

Physio clinic for Sport and Work Dogs

I am starting a physio clinic at The Dog Training Barn in Banbury Phone me to book either a 30min hands on assess and treat or a 45min appointment where core stability is assessed too and home exercise program given. £30 & £45 respectively. First clinic Friday May 2nd 2014.

CCL injury in dogs – is NOT operating an option?

There are other options to surgery for Cranial Cruciate Ligament injury in dogs. See this article for more info CCL injury – options other than surgery . Talk to your vet and physiotherapist to discuss options. (

Sporting and working dogs

Classic Physiotherapy and Woozelbears hydrotherapy have teamed together to offer the ultimate sports conditioning programme specifically suited to working dogs. Using one of only 2 computer gait analysis treadmills available in the UK (based in Witney), a detailed gait assessment and hands on physiotherapy assessment will identify muscle and movement issues in your dog that […]

horse and rider pilates demo

Horse and rider pilates – see the write up on great demo presented by Classic Physiotherapy for West Ox RC at New YAtt RDA. Are you looking to improve the way your horse and you work in harmony – book a private horse and rider assessment or organise a pilates demo for horse and/or rider […]

West Ox Riding club demo

I am running a horse and rider Pilates demo for West Oxfordshire riding Club on 29th September from 1 to 5pm at New Yatt RDA. We will be using an RDA pony to demonstrate the horse pilates. Riders can then take part if they like in the rider pilates demo so you can feel the […]

cruciate ligament post op physio

Meet Mollie who is a very energetic chocolate Labrador. She bounces around and balances really well on her back legs so was at risk of damaging her operated leg through her exuberance. But with controlled physiotherapy to help her cope and a suitable home exercise program, Mollie has recovered very well and is now able […]

Santa – sore front leg

Santa was limping on her front leg and the vet suggested physiotherapy treatment. Santa has an existing movement difficulty with her hind leg, she has a shortened gracilis muscle. So she moves a little differently and this over time puts some strain on her front legs and her back muscles. After a couple of physio […]

My new foal

My mare, Shannon had her filly foal on 6th June 2013. I gave Shannon some physio on her back after all her hard work carrying and producing such a lovely filly. See my facebook page for pictures and video – click on ‘find us on Facebook’ to the right ——> They are both up at […]

Fine tune your riding body

See how symmetrical your body balance is as follows: 1. stand with feet heel to toe in a line for 30 seconds.  2 stand up tall, head above shoulders, don’t lean forward.  3. Concentrate on the movement you …feel in your body – you will be swaying and subconsciously adjusting your balance. 4. Then swop […]

Some post op exercises for canine forelimb rehab

Here is a couple of videos of exercises and pulsed magnetic therapy that I used when working with a dog who had an elbow replacement in her left front leg. The exercises are a medley of some of those I used during her 3 months of rehab. The pulsed magnetic therapy was used to ease […]