September 22, 2017


Below are some links to websites of companies that provide services relevant to physiotherapy management of animals.

Canine fitness

Active Paws in Chalgrove, Ox

Canine and Feline Hydrotherapy

Woozelbears in Witney

Vale Hydrotherapy near Wantage

Jane Webb Hydrotherapy near Brackley

Wendover Hydrotherapy, Bucks

Assistive Harnesses for dogs struggling to get up or walk.

Neurological problems


about DM


Disabled Pets (See also harness links)

caring for a dog with degenerative myelopathy –

Biko Brace

back braces

helping paw dragging/knuckling

Arthritis in dogs

Arthritis is best managed with a multi-model approach including physio, hydro, weight management and the right kind of exercise.

Cruciate Ligament in dogs

some surgery options discussed

non-surgical options

Rubber Mats Non Slip rubber mats/rug on Amazon

Equipment used in canine rehabilitation

There are obviously other places you can get this equipment from – here are just some example links of places I have purchased the products I use.

Rubber Mats Non Slip rubber mats/rug on Amazon

small wobble cushion (35cm)

medium wobble cushion (60cm) OR

large (80cm) wobble cushion

cones and poles from Active Balance

cones and poles from Amazon

Pawz dog booties (like balloons) – check for your size

Trixie Active booties – check for your size

mini pulsed magnetic therapy (size of a walnut)

Dorsiflex assist boot

Steps Aerobic Step