May 8, 2021


Measurement and quote forms are now available to download from the webpage. Go to either the carpal and tarsal webpage and look for link next to prices. Please note that only Vets and physios can order these products.

Dogs (and cats) helped with TheraPaw supports

Dogs and cats with issues in their carpal (wrist) or tarsal (ankle) joints benefit from custom made supports made here at Classic Physiotherapy on behalf of TheraPaw. See

Canine Fit for Life – gym sessions

Classic Physiotherapy has joined up with Active Paws Canine Activity centre in Chalgrove to design a canine gym program that strengthens the deep joint stabilising muscles. The program is an 8 week progressive controlled gym program using a variety of equipment such as wobble boards, step, poles . The trainer is Ainsley Miller (CAPBT) who […]

Canine CCLS injury – other options to surgery

There are other options to surgery for Cranial Cruciate Ligament injury in dogs. See this article for more info CCL injury – options other than surgery . Talk to your vet and physiotherapist to discuss options. (

Fit for life for dogs

Classic Physiotherapy has teamed up with Active Paws in Chalgrove to create a Fit for Life training course. ‘Fit For Life’ is a new course based around learning to use all Active Paws Fit Paws Gym equipment. This is a level 1 beginner course.It is an 8 week course, written by our  physiotherapist Nycky Edleston […]

Neuroplasticity – how dogs recover from neuro issues

see this great write up on how dogs heal and learn to walk again after a neurological issue such as a disc problem in their spine. Neuroplasticity  

Physio clinic at The dog training barn

The next physio clinic at The Dog Training Barn in Middleton Cheyney near Banbury will be Tuesday 12th Jan. Please contact me for an appointment either for an MOT for your sporting.working dog or a consult for your injured/operated dog if the venue is convenient.

Anna leaving Classic Physio

Anna Brooke is leaving Classic Physiotherapy as she has been offered a fabulous human physio job in London that was too good to turn down. So she will be concentrating on furthering her Physiotherapy career so she can specialise in the future. Maybe we an entice her back to Oxford and animals in a couple […]

Vets can refer online

We are making it easier for Vets to refer clients to Classic Physiotherapy by providing a new online referral form. This is found under the ‘Info for vets’ tab. It means vets can quickly refer without the need to download or print off any forms. Upon completion of the online referral an email will be […]

Anna back from travels

Anna Brooke has just returned from travelling in central America. Her sun tan is far too good and she has some fab stories and picture of her journeys. Anna enjoys her travels and feels she has a lot more to do but we will work hard at keeping her around to come and treat your […]