November 19, 2018

Canine Agility

Agilty dogs are athletes and as such they use their bodies more than the average dog. As highlighted by the recent Olympics, athletes need to be kept in tune using physiotherapy to treat muscles that are being used at their peak. Regular physiotherapy also helps deal with any niggles that may be starting that could lead to injury if left unattended.

Pro-habilitation – is about the physio identifying muscular areas of your dog’s body that he/she is not using symmetrically and then providing exercises that focus on that. This can help prevent over-straining of other areas and hence reduce risk of injury. Be Pro-active not Re-active. Regular Physiotherapy MOTs for your agility dog will fine tune and prepare his/her body for agility training and competition. Also helps the young dog or dog new to agility to prepare his/her body for this new exercise. Have the ultimate prohabilitation with computer gait analysis and bespoke conditioning program.

If the work demand is too high or through accident – obvious damage occurs and lameness is evident. But even the daily demands of an agility dog can cause micro-damage that repetitively over time cause pain and increases the risk of injury. Tendon and ligament injuries are more often an accumulation of micro-damage over time with perhaps a ‘final straw’ component to strain them to a point of lameness and swelling. The correct rehabilitation is important after any injury and I have the skills to promote quality healing in soft tissue and to help you bring your dog into work in a manner that benefits the full healing of the injury and prevent compensations in other parts of the body.

Special rates for club day MOTs
Organise for 4 or more dogs from your club to have an MOT on the same day in the same place for a reduced rate. Book a regular club clinic and receive even better rates.