February 25, 2021

Covid – 19 info

5th Jan 2021 – At present we can only commit to video consultations. We are accepting new vet referrals and upon receipt will then contact you to discuss your animals and then ask for certain videos to be taken and sent to us, preferably on WhatsApp. We will then analyse the videos and provide you with therapeutic advice, home management and physiotherapy exercise routine specific to your animal. All followups will be via video too. We will only commence in-person physiotherapy once we consider it safe for you and us.

The below is not applicable as of 5th Jan 2021. ………..We have risk assessments, protocols and guidelines in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19. PLEASE let us know if you are unwell or have been with an unwell person in the past 2 weeks, or if you are self-isolating or have a high risk member of your household who is shielding. Cancelled appointments are not charged for.

We will be cleaning equipment and my own hands between each animal. We will try not to touch anything on your property so please don’t offer a drink and please open doors for us.

We will aim to see all animals outside .Coming into Winter, there will be less opportunity to treat dogs outside so we will wear a mask or face shield when inside and ask that you do too. Also when possible please leave the room. As usual we will write out the exercises you need to do with your dog for their physio rehab and there are now videos on the website showing you how to do them.

If you are using any equipment for the physio of your animal please make that available in the area I am working. We will not be loaning out any of our equipment for a while so you may have to purchase an item we advise for physio but we usually try to come up with a diy alternative.

We will be using alcohol gel on my hands before touching anything so we should not be contaminating leads or headcollars but if having us handle these items bothers you please let us know.

Please try to keep at least 2 metres away from us and we will do the same for you but if we do need to be closer together for the sake of the animal then please let us know if you are not happy with this and we will stop the session or change to do something else.

If at any time you have concerns within the appointment please tell us. If you wish to cancel an appointment please do so and remember we do still offer video consults which can still provide relevant treatment for your animal.

Below is information from ACPAT about Animal Physiotherapy and COVID-19

Your ACPAT physiotherapist has indicated that they are prepared to visit your premises during the COVID-19 outbreak in order to attend your animal. In doing so they are potentially placing themselves at risk and you should respect the guidance they have provided which not only aims to protect them, but also you or your staff. If physical distancing and biosecurity measures are not respected then this and future physiotherapy visits are unlikely to be possible.

If anyone at the property exhibits signs of COVID-19 (such as a high temperature or persistent cough) or is self-isolating or is considered vulnerable to COVID-19 (age > 70, underlying health condition, pregnancy) then you should inform your ACPAT physiotherapist. We have advised our members to carry out health screening questionnaires for owners to help them evaluate risk and to inform decision making regarding PPE and whether to attend or not. If anyone at the property develops signs that could be due to COVID-19 prior to the visit, then you MUST contact your ACPAT physiotherapist immediately.

Your physio will minimise the time spent at your property. You should not expect your physio to enter into discussion at the time but rather collect a history beforehand and inform you of their findings/instructions by telephone or video.
• Only one person from your property should assist the ACPAT physiotherapist (even if horses belonging to a number of different owners are being examined / treated)
• Physical distancing (at least 2 metres) should be maintained throughout the visit.
• Your attending physiotherapist may be wearing PPE- please do not be worried by this. They may also ask you to wear gloves throughout the visit- please do not be offended.
• Please refrain from touching any physio equipment and remain a minimum of 2 metres from any equipment, the therapist and from the physio’s car at all times.
• You should determine where the physio can park in advance so that they can avoid contact with others and minimise the length of their visit. A means of alerting you to the physio’s arrival should also be discussed.
• In regards to equine visits you should not expect the physio to enter an office, house, coffee room or any other building other than to see the horse or wash their hands. Your physio is likely to prefer not to enter any buildings to wash their hands, but rather will wear gloves and use hand sanitiser. They will advise at their discretion.

In regards to small animal visits at a home/ kennel you should designate an area for the session which has easy access to outside without the need for multiple door opening/ closing. Alternatively if the weather permits and there is a safe and secure outside space, then the session may be performed outside.
• Please ensure there are facilities for handwashing available. If there are none then make the physio aware of this prior to the visit.
• Do not expect your physio to perform additional tasks which have not been discussed prior to their visit
• Please be considerate and respectful to your physiotherapist. There is no obligation for them to place themselves at risk by attending your property at this challenging time.