May 18, 2022

Equine sports rehabilitation

Physiotherapy for the equine athlete to return to sport.

Physiotherapists and sports trainers work together with an athlete to provide the unique rehabilitation that each athlete needs after injury. Horses are athletes, whether they compete or hack out. And as such it is advantageous to use rehabilitation expertise for bespoke rehab programs to return them to function after an injury.

Often after injury a horse will subtly compensate through other parts of his body when coming back into work. This not only puts other structures onto strain but prevents him reaching his athletic potential.

Working closely with your vet about the type of work your horse can do in relation to the timeframes of the injury, the physiotherapist will remove compensatory muscle tensions, provide therapy and exercises for weaker muscles, core stability, joint stability and muscle symmetry. Depending what type of job your horse is required to do when in full work, the Physiotherapist will design you and your horse a rehabilitation program specifically suited for the job.

Modern rehabilitaton after an injury is designed for each unique combination ofhorse and rider – it’s no longer the norm to use generalised return to work advise along the lines of 6 weeks walk, 6 weeks trot then gradually increase. Your horse deserves better. Using physiotherapy sports rehabilitation mean your horse’s body is used the best way it can and this reduces the risk of some other injuries.

I have recently worked with a dressage horse returning to work after a ligament injury, a showjumper who had a kick that damaged muscle and a riding club all rounder out of work from a hock joint problem. For more information call me or look at the Injury Rehabilitation tab under Equine Physio.