May 18, 2022

Pet Physio

We treat all types of pets including dogs, cats and rabbits. We treat them at their own home where they are most relaxed and comfortable. Any movement issue your pet has may benefit from physiotherapy. We use hands on treatment to muscles, electrotherapeutic modalities like LED and pulsed magnetic therapy to increase blood flow and relax muscles and therapeutic exercises to promote the correct use of and strengthening of the body. If your pet required physiotherapy for sports performance maintenance then we do not need vet consent but for any moedical movement issue we need vet consent and relevant history from your vet. This can be done via the Info for vets tab by your vet.

Pets can be treated for


aching joints

movements difficulties

after an operation to leg or back

after a neurological problem


sport performance

Please see the more detailed pages on dogs and cats under this heading and give me a call to discuss your pet.

Mollie 3


Canine physiotherapy after an operation