May 18, 2022

Sporting Dogs

 Enhance your dog’s performance – Sporting and Working dogs

Classic Physiotherapy and Woozelbears hydrotherapy have teamed together to offer the ultimate sports conditioning programme specifically suited to working dogs.

Using one of only 2 computer gait analysis treadmills available in the UK (based in Witney), a detailed gait assessment and hands on physiotherapy assessment will identify muscle and movement issues in your dog that can be improved by a bespoke conditionPhysiotherapy for Agility dogsing program.

The combination of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy will be designed to improve your dog’s performance within their specific working field.

These include agility, flyball, gun dogs, show dogs, working trial dogs, sheep dog trials and all other sporting and working dogs. Dogs recovering from injury can also be assessed for a bespoke rehabilitation program returning them to work and sport.

Assessment in the gait analysis studio

Woozelbears has one of only 2 treadmills in the UK that has been scientifically developed using computer software to quantify lameness – i.e. symmetry of pressure from the paws onto the ground – as a simple numerical score whilst identifying the correct loading and movement characteristics of the gait. We can also screen for detailed information such as stance time, touchdown, symmetry, stride length, peak pressure. This provides an objective way of recording improvements made throughout the program.


Once the report has been produced, an appointment is made with The Physiotherapist for a thorough clinical assessment  looking at muscle symmetry, tension and soreness; joint mobility and a full spinal assessment. Your treatment plan will include hands on treatment by the Physiotherapist to correct any tension, stiffness or misalignment and some home, sport or work based therapeutic exercises to improve your dog’s body.

The bespoke program

We will use the information from these assessments to design a bespoke performance conditioning program for your dog. Depending on what we have found on assessment we will work on certain aspects of your dog’s movement in following hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions. A physiotherapy exercise programme will be designed for you to do at home and in conjunction with your dog’s sport.

Each programme is built specifically to your dog, using a variety of different exercises to improve their performance by ,

  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Improving balance, coordination and proprioception
  • Strengthening core stability muscles
  • Increasing range of movement
  • Improving gait and topline

How do we reach the desired outcome?

There are many different techniques we can use within the water and on land, each will be chosen as to which is best suited for the desired effect using either the pool, aquatic treadmill and your home and training environment . Here are a few examples of the techniques we can use both in and out of water to achieve our goals:

  • Including low level water walking, Resistance jets, focusing on forelimbs or hindlimbs to have them work harder, exercise resistance bands, proprioception exercises, land treadmill work, sporting and working therapeutic exercises or adjustments for your specific dog.

After injury

If your dog has had an injury, even if it’s just been for a short time or had an intermittent lameness then this unique assessment looking in detail at how your dog is moving will benefit too.

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 Please contact  Woozelbears on 01993 772882  to book a gait analysis appointment and call Nycky on 07767455168 to discuss the options for your working or sporting dog to achieve their top performance.