June 18, 2024

Thera-Paw UK

Thera-Paw Uk

Thera-Paw UK provides custom Carpal and Tarsal Supports and Splints  for pets in the UK and Europe. Other assistive devices can be made – call or email to discuss.

We have been personally trained by Thera-Paw USA and our association with them is unique in UK and Europe. Since 2005, Thera-Paw USA have fabricated over 20,000 unique, custom-made devices including boots, carpal & tarsal braces, and mobility aids. 

Support design and options

These Carpal and Tarsal supports and splints  are designed and handmade specifically for an individual pet’s limb. The supports can be made to provide from the lightest support to immobilisation of the carpal or tarsal joint.  Bespoke padding options include therapy foam, sheepskin or neoprene (for water therapy). If full joint immobilisation is  required Thermoplastic (a mouldable human grade rehab product) can be added over the support thereby allowing skin protection.

Who can order

These are medical products for a medical musculoskeletal issue so you must be a Vet or a Therapist to order these products. This is to ensure that a relevant product is ordered with full understanding of the pet’s condition and functional issues. Measurement forms available to download on each product page.

How to get a quote and to order

The Vet or Physiotherapist completes our Custom Measurement, Quote and order form  with detailed measurements and specific requirements for their client (available to download on product pages). Upon receipt of the order form (preferably with some photos) we will design a suitable product and send you a quote. A bespoke carpal or tarsal support costs in the range of £140 to £350.

Why custom made

We understand how important it is to provide a form-fitting, appropriately supportive brace or assistive aid.

 Custom-fitted devices:

  • Provide the best support, protection, assistanceScooby afterScooby pre 3

  • Are more comfortable which increases compliance

  • Reduce the incidence of abrasion

  • Improve outcomes

  • lead to a happy pet who can get about more comfortably.

We will work with you to design a support to best suit your client’s size, confirmation, and therapy needs.

The product is provided with full instructions on how to apply and care for the product and of any on site adaptations (such as small changes in level of support) that can be made by  the Vet or Physiotherapist on fitting the custom product to the pet. If an animal is moving through rehabilitation for the affected joint the amount of support can be adjusted by the vet or therapist as the animal improves.

What can these custom supports help with?

The types of issues a Custom Carpal Support can address include:

  • Thoracic limb Plantigrade stancecarpal for amputee 1 low kb
  • Carpal hyperextension
  • Carpal varus or valgus deformity
  • Carpal flexion deformity
  • Support for amputees
  • Progressive support during rehabilitation

The types of issues Custom Tarsal Support can address include:

  • Tarsal Plantigrade stancetarsal rottie
  • Tarsal hyperextention
  • Assist tarsal flexion
  • Assist tarsal hyperextension
  • Tarsal medial or lateral instability
  • Progressive support during rehabilitation
  • Support for amputees

Please select the following pages for more information including measurement order forms.Thera-Paw Uk

Carpal Splinting
Tarsal Splinting

If you have any questions please email [email protected] or call 07767455168 to discuss your requirements.


MArko Novak - Senator - tarsal with thermo

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