May 18, 2022

Feline Physio

Physiotherapy can benefit cats of all ages, sizes and with many different types of issues. Physio plays an important role in rehabilitation of a cat after injury or an operation.

You would expect to receive physiotherapy after any operation on your legs or back. So you should expect your cat to be referred for Physiotherapy Rehabilitation after an operation or injury. Physiotherapy will provide a much better outcome for each cat to return to comfortable and functional daily life and can help prevent complications and issues. Physiotherapy is suitable from the first week after an operation or injury.

Other conditions also treated include arthritis and neurological issues.

I will fully assess your cat at your home and then have a large number of therapy options in my remit that I will uniquely apply. Physio rehab speeds up and improves the quality of the healing process, reduces pain and strengthens your cat back to 4-legged form.

Please phone to ask any questions and to find out if physio can help your cat.

Your vets consent is legally required before Physiotherapy assessment:

Please ask your vet to either complete the online vet referral via the ‘Info for Vets’ tab or to download and complete the form below and email   to us.

Classic Physiotherapy Vet Referral Form OR
vet referral form PDF format for printing

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