May 18, 2022

Custom Tarsal Splinting

Custom Tarsal supports, splints and braces

Thera-Paw UK provides custom Tarsal Supports, Splints and Braces for pets in the UK and Europe.

We have been personally trained by Thera-Paw USA and our association with them is unique in UK and Europe. Only a vet or Therapist may order a custom product. (Please print, fill in and scan the form OR email me for a form that you can fill in on the computer) Pdf Custom Tarsal Support Order Form 2021

Online form for Custom Tarsal Support 2021


Customized for a variety of tarsal conditions, which include:Thera-Paw Uk Canine Tarsal Splint - gsd low kb

  • Achilles/gastroc tendon injuries

  • hyperextension

  • collateral ligament injuries

  • polyarthritis (e.g., IMPA)

  • instabilities, sprains, strains

  • tarsal luxationThera-Paw Uk Canine Tarsal Splint

  • fractures or post-cast removal

  • arthritis, DJD, OCD

  • sporting/working dog support


Custom Tarsal Supports are designed for the pet’s specific needs.  These braces can be lightweight and flexible or completely immobilizing.  Braces are versatile and stability versus movement can be decreased/increased depending on the pet’s needs. Prices from £140 to £250. Download, print, fill in , scan and email measurement and quote form PDF of  Custom Tarsal Support Order Form 2021. OR  Online form for Custom Tarsal Support 2021 . Please note that none of the client information you place on the form will be used for marketing purposes nor shared to any other person or organisation.


Fabrication style and materials are chosen based on the pet’s specific needs.  Options include:

  • Outer shell – neoprene breathable mesh of different supporting thicknesses

  • Outer straps – elastic, nylon, neoprene or a combination thereof

  • Inner padding – therapy foam padding, sheepskin, neoprene (suitable for water therapy)

  • Outer stabilizing components – nylon support straps (adjustable),  thermoplastic sheets, thermoplastic stays
  • Assistive components – extension-assistive straps, hyperextension-reducing straps (more info below)

We will work with you to help decide what best suits the animals needs. We provide a custom measurement, quote and order form.

Before Thera-Paw Uk Canine Tarsal SplintWith Thera-Paw Uk Canine Tarsal Splint

Thera-Paw UkPhotos above – Tarsal plantigrade without support then digitigrade with a Tarsal support

You must be a veterinary professional or professional therapist to order a custom product. The Professional MUST do the measurements of the animal and select the options that the animal requires. Print, fill in, scan and email this form or contact me via email for a form that you can fill in directly on the computer.  Pdf of Custom Tarsal Support Order Form 2021 OR   Online form for Custom Tarsal Support 2021Please email the order form to fully filled in for your patient to receive a quote. Within 2 business days you will receive an email indicating cost of the custom product. Upon receipt of payment the product will be designed and made within 5 working days and dispatched.

Payment is in advance by bank transfer or cleared cheque prior to the product being made. There are no refunds on Custom made products.

For Tips and Recommendations about tarsal supports and splints please see notes on right hand side of this page……..>>>>

Assisting tarsal extension or Reducing tarsal hyper-flexion while still allowing movementThera-Paw Uk Canine Tarsal Splint - tarsal ext assist straps

For dogs with Achilles tendon injuries or those collapsing into flexion, “extension-assistive straps” are added to custom tarsal braces.  These are sewn onto the proximal caudal aspect of the brace; they crisscross above the calcaneus and then you affix them distally via Velcro tabs to regulate the amount of assistance needed to maintain extension

Reducing Tarsal Hyper-extension or Assisting tarsal flexion

For pets with tarsal hyperextension, we usually add “hyperextension-reducing straps” to our custom tarsThera-Paw Uk Canine Tarsal Splint - tarsal flex assist strapsal braces.  These straps allow full tarsal flexion but block the pet from reaching that break-over point where they hyperextend.  These straps are sewn on either the proximal or distal part of the brace.  They crisscross cranially at the tarsal joint and then are affixed when on the pet to the tension level that prevents hyperextension.  This allows you to control the amount of assistance the pet requires.

Thera-Paw Uk Canine Tarsal Splint