May 18, 2022

Neuro Case Study

See testimonials page for other examples of neurological cases recently receiving physiotherapy

Traumatic disc prolapse

8 yr yorkie cross with traumatic disc prolapse T12/T13 resulting in hindlimb paresis. Secondary referral Vet recommended immediate conservative treatment with physiotherapy.
Initial physiotherapy works alongside the body’s natural healing response . Treatment included correct body positioning to promote neural memory and prevent soft tissue complications,  proprioception, balance and muscle work in achieved positions, home advice on positioning and therapeutic handling.
Assistance work into stand was added at appropriate time. Within 3 weeks, dog could move self into sternal ly, sit and stand. She did overuse her front end to achieve this resulting in muscle tension and pain which required magnetic pulse therapy and soft tissue treatment. She also stood with reduced weight bearing of right hind and reduced balance reactions.
Physiotherapy progressed to work on balance and strength in standing and to promote symmetrical use of hindlimbs . Promoting mobility used water based physio thereby using the supportive properties of standing in water to do assisted reflexive movement patterns for walk and trot. Muscle stimulation for hind limb muscles commenced with owner doing daily at home and then hydrotherapy(10 sessions – limited by insurance).
Once the dog started walking, al be it with distinct lack of control and balance, Physiotherapy focused on control and functional gait improvements while preventing compensatory movements and overuse of front end . This included controlled lead work in the home and the later local area, proprioceptive tracks, and exercises to continue to promote correct use of hind limbs, gain control, balance and proprioception.
This lovely dog is now fully functional with just a small amount of reduced fine proprioception in the right hindleg.