July 5, 2022

Injury Rehabilitation

Horses are athletes, whether they compete or hack out. All athletes that have had injury should have specific rehabilitation routines prescribed in order to bring them back to athletic performance. Physiotherapists and trainers work together with the athlete to provide the unique rehabilitation that the athlete needs.

We are moving away from generalised advice of for example “6 weeks walk, 4 weeks trot and then just gradually increase the work”. As a ACPAT Veterinary Physiotherapist, an ex competative rider, an instructor, I have the expertise to assist you to bring your horse back into work in a manner that strengthens the weak parts and helps your horse to use all of his body to the best of it’s capacity.

Often after injury a horse will subtley compensate through other parts of his body when coming back into work. This not only puts other structures onto strain but prevents him reaching his athletic potential. ACPAT Vet Physios have knowlege of sports rehabilitation, tissue healing, biomechanics and gait analysis.

What does this involve?

    • Working closely with your vet
    • Knowledge of the injury and stage of healing
    • Assessment of your horse’s current body symmetry
    • Physiotherapy treatment of any issues present with hands on therapy
    • Within vet’s exercise limit guidance, specific rehabilitation exercises
    • These can be in the stable, in hand or when relevant under saddle
    • Often this is over many months as you bring your horse back to full work
    • The Physio may visit more often to start and then monthly as return to work progresses

The Physio prescribes the right work for you and your horse depending on your horse’s previous work level and whether you will be returning to competition.
So if for any reason your horse has been out of work, give him or her the best chance of recovery, use Physiotherapy Rehabilitation.

Client Testimonial

Lindsay and Jack – Rehab after ligament injury
horse physio ligament repair I wanted to know I was bringing my horse back into work properly after injury and a friend recommended Nycky for Physio rehab. She worked with us for 5 months addressing issues to help him work symmetrically, sorting out muscle tension and giving us correct exercises to help his recovering ligaments be used properly. The exercises formed part of our daily ridden work and in the stable. He is now back in full work and we are looking at the events calendar. I would recommend physiotherapy both as a recovery method but also to maintain fitness and suppleness for horses in work.