May 18, 2022

Spinal issues

Spinal issues in dogs benefit from physiotherapy treatment. Some dogs may have an operation for their spinal problem in which case physiotherapy is suitable after the operation to help the dog recover back to four-legged form. For those who are not having an operation physiotherapy will distinctly benefit to get the dog mobile again and to keep it comfortable.

Dogs can recover quite quickly from spinal issues but recover with much better quality of movement, less discomfort, distress and movement adaptations if a professional physiotherapist works with them. I show you how to assist your dog in the right manner and at the right timing so that they are having the correct balance between their effort and your assist to promote their recovery. Also especially for the bigger dogs I show you how to take care of your back for any handling you are needing to do to assist your dog.

Types of spinal issues physiotherapy works for.

Archie Reader

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) – whether operated on or not.

Disc Protrusion – neck or back – whether operated on or not, whether chronic or acute.

Sciatica or aggravated/inflamed spinal nerves

Ask your vet to refer your dog straight away for physiotherapy as right from the beginning we can help your dog be comfortable and show you ways to manage him/her therapeutically at home to benefit the recovery. In some cases we can help enough that the dog does not require an operation.

If your dog is not having an operation or has another spinal issue such as Degenerative Myelopathy (DM / CDRM), Fibrocartilage Embolism (FCE), Lumbo-sacral disease, Discospondilytis  then physiotherapy is also relevant as soon as possible to aid function, comfort and quality of life.
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Lucy – disc extrusion no op         Squeak post op IVDD         Deus – disc extrusion post op