May 18, 2022

Ortho – CCL info

Reducing occasions of contra-lateral CCL rupture

A couple of local vets who do about 30 CCL repairs per year have been referring all of these, immediately post op, to Classic Physiotherapy for a physiotherapy led rehab program.


Observations have been that over 90% of these have not ruptured the contra-lateral cruciate ligament. These referrals have been coming through for over 2 years – every cruciate repair – lateral suture and TTA.


To give your post op cruciate clients (and all other post op orthopaedics) this option, please, upon sending the animal home post op, complete an   online referral form  or download a   referral form and email  to  Tell your client that the physio will contact them to discuss physiotherapy rehabilitation options. Costs and timeframes are always adaptable to client requirements. I will then contact the client and discuss what physiotherapy aims to achieve, why and how we do it. See website for more information for yourself and clients.


Early focused rehab works because physiotherapy rehab promotes the controlled use of the operated stable limb, taking into account healing times of the tissues. This controlled use likely limits the strain taken by the contra lateral limb as well as helps the dog and owner cope with the long time of controlled exercise required.


By showing the owner how to properly control and walk their dog in a therapeutic manner and showing them short therapy homework to do at home with their dog, they are more patient in returning the dog to previous activity levels. So the whole body of the dog is better prepared for returning to full four-legged function.


Each dog is assessed and provided with physiotherapy that is bespoke to the dog, the owner and their environment.


None of the dogs that have been referred immediately post op have had any complications that have required re-operating or have had to accept compromised use of the limb. So no late meniscus tears, no lateral suture early failure, no metal work movement and no poor use of limb a number of months post op.


Physio rehabilitation can take the dog from week one post op all the way through to off lead and even sport specific progression. And even pre-op home environment set up and correct control can be done by the physio.

Some of the dogs that have received physio post op CCL.

proprioceptive work post op

Tilly Mollie 3 Canine physiotherapy after an operation

Owners say

Nycky gave us confidence of what Molly could do and with physiotherapy we have my Molly back” Elaine

The good range of therapies to benefited Tilly as well as a cheerful and professional service. Peter

I really appreciated all your help with Riley, I would have been a little lost without physio and not known where to start with such an energetic young dog.’ Yasmin