May 18, 2022

Pilates for your horse

Like you, your horse will benefit greatly from developing their core stability through the use of pilates. The core stability muscles protect the joints in the back when the power muscles are working under saddle or lunge work. These are endurance muscles that are improved by working at slow paces doing work that successfully challenges the balance reactions. The leg joints also have stability muscles and pilates for horses strengthens these too. For more information on designing a pilates program uniquely for your horse, phone me today.

It is most important with pilates type exercises that the quality of the exercise is maintained and improved before overchallenging the horse. It’s not just the ‘doing’ is the ‘how’ it’s being done that makes the difference. Rythm, consistant bend, joint flexion, spinal engagement are most important during these exercises.

Muscles need to be pain free and supple before they can get stronger so make an appointment with me today to ensure your horse is on the right track.

Here are just a few of the Equine Pilates programs that are used by Classic Physiotherapy:

Basic Core and Limb Stability

Spinal and Core Stability

Stage 1 Core Stability using the Hog Back circle

Stage 2 Core Stability body control using the ‘L’ shape guide