May 18, 2022

Canine Fit for Life – gym sessions

Classic PhysiPicture1otherapy has joined up with Active Paws Canine Activity centre in Chalgrove to design a canine gym program that strengthens the deep joint stabilising muscles. The program is an 8 week progressive controlled gym program using a variety of equipment such as wobble boards, step, poles . The trainer is Ainsley Miller (CAPBT) who trains owners and their dogs to do the specific exercises using positive training methods. The dogs are both mentally and physically working. This program is suitable for dogs who have or have had hip, elbow or shoulder problems, some types of back problem, early onset arthritis. Many dogs have been through an initial physiotherapy treatment program and then progress onto this in the mid stages of physio rehab. Others in more of a preventative role go straight onto the course. Contact us if you think your dog may be suitable for this.