May 18, 2022

Custom Boots

Thera-Paw boots can be customised to fit your dog’s paw and limb if one of the average sizes does not fully fit.


Some options are:

  1. If your dog’s Wrist/Ankle Circumference  is WIDER (your measurement is greater) than the determined pawsize, then the Thera-Paw boot cuff needs to be widened[we widen the cuff of the boot by adding more neoprene (stretchy material) to the cuff].
  2. If your dog’s Wrist/Ankle Height  is SHORTER (your measurement is less) than the determined paw size, then the Thera-Paw boot cuff needs to be cut down.
  3. If your dog has sensitive skin or is prone to sores on the toes then we can add sheepskin to the inside of the boot.
  4. If your dog has toes missing and the foot moves in the boot we can add support to the area of missing toes (sometimes).
  5. If your dog has knuckles that stand up high then we can add more material to the top of the boot to provide more space for his knuckles.
  6. If your dog has sores on top of his knuckles or delicate skin and sliding the foot into the boot aggravates this then we can change the top of the boot to have an opening so you then just place the foot onto the boot and have a new closure over the top of the knuckles.

Most custom modifications can be done in 5 business days. You will need to pay in advance. Note I start with a TheraPAw boot, the cost of which is between £28 and £35 and then changes are made which have a cost of between £5 and £15 each then P&p added.

Please download this form Boot Quote/Order Form , complete and email to  to get an assessment of what can be done and a quote for that. Large photos and videos can be WhatsApp to 07767455168 as my email does not let large attachments through.

Bambi 1 IMGP7245

This Saluki cross has had toes amputated and needs some support within her boot to help straighten her toes so she finds it easier to walk on them, sheepskin inside the boot as she has delicate skin and some support around her wrist/carpus as it is bending a little to the inside as she has compensated for her loss of toes.